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my lovely journal<333

Kelsey Lauren
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i love friends. ...i dont know where i would be without them
i love music...all types really,dependin on what my mood is
i love boys...its always nice to have a cute/hott/gorgeous guy to flirt with.
i love clothes...ooo the look of new clothes is worderful!!
i love spidermann..Him and his sexy dorkiness could save me any day!
i love talking..i could talk for hours,even if i just met you
i love disney princesses.
..thats my favorite part of disney world
i love jewlery...a little accsesory always spices up the outfit
i love meeting wierd but fun people..its never boring with them
i love movies...love stories,spidermann...basically anything except scary ones!
i love headband n clips..there so cute when u put em with the right stuff

i am a brunette.
with brown
eyes and couldnt be happier about it!
i have quite alot of bestfriends.Some include Rachel,Katie,Jessie,Chelsea and sum other good ones.

You can see my pictures on photobucket at...http://photobucket.com/albums/y268/KelseyLaurenxXx/
or my own website with picture slides at....http://photoshow.comcast.net/KelseyLauren455/