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Kelsey Lauren

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slkdfjsldf. [04 Jun 2006|11:55am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

this is gayyyy.
:D :D

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OH MY GEEZ!! [09 Nov 2005|09:06pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

so.im gonna write alot things that have happend in the past month and a half because i feel like it..okay.good!

Cedar Point with taylor,lauren,eliie,angelo,kevin and lyndsey.that was a blast!besides the bigg fight.the ride back was halarious with ellie "dog ears"HAHAAAA.
I love all of those people to death!

Chicago with my aunt,cousin ashley,my two sisters and my mom.basically a girls weekend out.it was SO FRICKEN SWEET!
we shopped for those days,went to hardrock cafee..and other stuff.We sang on the way there and back..we were pretty darnn good.lol not really.<33

Kaylas party with her,stephany,lyndsey c and sorta shaun??
we went to dave and busters.i won two little care bears!!:]]After we had a bonfire and sleepoverr.Im so glad i went it was great!i love themm too.duhhhh

Bowling with stephanie,liv,chelsea,jaclyn and cameo.We were like the only people there which was awesome!We were some crazy kiddos!And the pics were insanley cool.After we slept over stephs house.haha chelsea dressed up in a simba costume!i love those bestfriends so muchh!

Nicoles house with nicole of course,taylor,rachel and alisha.We were on her trampoline for at least 2 hours jumping,being crazy and taking pictures.We took over 300 pictures all together!But yeahh then in the morning we had a delicous breakfast then pertend like we were getting killed in a tornado outside with the heavy winds outside!lol that was funnny.THERE SWEETT AND GORGEOUS PEOPLE WHOM I LOVEE!!<333

so yeahhh.dont expect an update anytime soon until i feel like it again.and if i dont get alot of comments i wont update at all!so uhh huhhh.

I LOVE YOUU ALL.muahhhh. call me if you wanna hang out sometime bc i would lovee too :]]

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[05 Oct 2005|06:29pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Even though i havent updated in a month...
really i dont have much to say,or at least i hope so:]]

Lately its been mostly school whick friggin sucks but theres other stuff ive been doing.so no pressure!lol,
_I have went to my aunt beths house for johns birthday party.
someone you would not know.And i saw the cutest little house ever where my cousin lives!!I wont describe it bc it takes too long but if u wanna know more just comment and ask about it.
_I went to Chelsea L's house on the weekend.We went to micheals for the stupid castle project with rachel and sam.
It was so much funn!!Halarious too"Ahhh,im a gingerbread man!"I love those girls to pieces.We watched this scary thing on discorvery channel,once i again i wont tell u about it unless you comment and ask bc it takes too long.
then we had a sleepover.<3
_I went to the 2 home football games so far."Were ditching you"LOL nicole,chelsea and brandon.That was so funny!Nicole n brandon r so cute togetherr.we made them hold hands..haha there was a huge spider on nicole ewwww!Those are my 3 bfffs!
Then i kept stealing jessie gatorade."i did not have n e of jessies gatorade!"
lol olivia i still love your hair!
Plus i hung out with ,rachel,Lauren,Liv,Kyle,Kayla,STEPH,olivia and kasey there.much love to all of ya!
_I went to taylors yesterdayy.wayy too much funn lol,im taylors princess!heeheeee,shes awesome!And i've hung out with Maddy and rachel a few days now.We take great pictures,(sarcasm)lol haha.
Its meap session.OH what a joyy!
but jess n steph make it funn for me with drawing pics:]]

Oh the 15th im goin to cedar point with TALOR,ANGELO,ELLIE,KEVIN,LYNDSEY,LAUREN and then SHELBY is gonna be there too with someone else.its gonna be so much funn!!And thats my sisters birthday so "Happy birthday day nicole!"

Andy is awesome.lylab
Maddy is my bestest friend.
Jessie is the funnest person alive "l-izzle"twin!lylasL,bffe
Rachel is AHHH gorgeous girl who im jelous of,bfffe!<3
Krysta is verry cool.
Steph is halarious.The funn table.heeheee i love youu.bffe
Ananda is sweeeeeet.i absolutely love her.
Annie is my long lost friend who i miss so much!<3 you girll
Lyndsey is so cute.Shes so much funn to.much love!
Lizzy is the best of the best.very funn person<3
Lees cousin sounds pretty sweet too.lol

Well thats everyone that commented.
haha now you wish u did,huh??
lovee kelsey

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Your flippin Sexy. [12 Sep 2005|05:58pm]
[ mood | sleepy.how cute! ]

Sorry i wait a while to update if u havent noticed.

well rach and i have been walkin home with tay almost everyday after school and we have so much funn!She has a cell-phone now with a voice recorder and lets just say we have funn with that.lol,we went to 7-11 the other dayy,funn time too.Ha ha rach n tay member the cheese dick!!lol,i love those girls so mucho!

Yesterday rach,tay n i went bowling with angelo n kevin.It was very funn indeed.haha once when kevin threw the ball his fingers got stuck so when he threw it he got pulled down.then he tried to catch his balance n slipped then landed in the gutar!I bowled a 101,taylor 29 rachel 96 r sumthin,angelo-no clue but kinda good and kevin got a 102.The second game we just bowled under r legs and would spin till we were dizzy then throw it.After both games we played in the game room for like 5 minutes.haha we tried to play these driving games but us girls suck at video games!

A few days ago Maddy and i hung out.It was funn.We walked around the block for like an hour just talkin girl talk.haha then whenever we saw a sprinkler we would stand infront of it until we got wet!!Then we swung on the tire swing,where blaine came out of no where and pushed us.We told him to go away :) lol.By the way,tommaro is maddys birthday....


so thats really it i guess.
please comment and ill mention you in my next entry.
^^haha i copied that from josh.

love you all

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[02 Sep 2005|06:07pm]
[ mood | high lol ]

Well i know i havent updated in a while but i wont make this one long..

So school has started of course,im on the so called "bad" team.lol,malburgs team.Rachel,Jessie,Chelsea L,OliviaO,Becka,STEPHO,Heather,Dylon,Haily,Rachelle,
Michelle,Nicole b,Kayla,Krysta,Monet and some other people are on my team :)

Yesterday Jessie came over to spend the night!We hung out with rachel,maddy and then liv n steph rollarbladed over.We hung out with kyle n these other kids for a while at east.Then we escaped those two.lol sorry bout that liv!
Overall it was a blast.This morning i hung out with liv,steph,kyle,blaine for a little too.

Last week i went over Sam m's house for a sleepover with rach,tay n maddy.It was so funn!We stayed up till 7a.m.went to sleep then woke up at 4p.m.We made these nasty concactions and had to eat em,plus made tons of adorable braclets!
I love sam!!lol,i broght my camera there though and now cant find it :(

Like my new layout n stuff??


ha ha try to find ur name in that!Then you'll know i love youu!

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hey there cutie! [20 Aug 2005|06:25pm]
[ mood | gloomy ]

Today is a very very sadd day.Taylor i love youu dont forget that!
today- was also my cousin ashleys graduation party.She is gorgeous!lol,she has a bf named john whos really nice n a good lookin guy.
We helped decorate it,the theme was "Paris"it turned out GREAT!!
it took 5 hours to decorate though..i was tie-ing bloons for 2 hours!!
Ill put sum pics in my photobucket of it.

2 days ago-Bonfire over lexis house with Maddy,rach,ellie,alex b sorta n lexi of course.So much funn,we were up till 6 in the morning well actually ellie and i were.Ellie was hyper!!We talked girl talk n sutff..it was a blast.I LOVE YOU GIRLS!!

last week-olivia came over!!It was so funn.We made peanut butter cookies that burnt bc rachel had to put them in for an extra 5 minutes!lol,We also went swimming at rachels..we were on these nets around noodles and goin down the waterslide with em.We made up a water dance too!Ha ha..those two girls are pretty awesome!

^^The next day-Rachel and i had the best day of our summer together!!We first went swimming then we sat in her backyard with red lemonade stuff,chips n dip on chairs with our bathing suit and tanned lol,were suck fatties!ha ha,it was so very funn.Then we went back in her pool at like 6 and stayed in for two hours!rachel way too many insiders from that day..u kept sneakin up on me ha ha,then u were obbsessed with the water from the slide...then we were tryin to talk while under water with the thingy!!!Too many to remeber..I LOVE RACHEL MORE THAN LIFE!!<33

well i have been waitin to update so yeah u can tell.Please at least comment bc that took a long time to type!!!

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[11 Aug 2005|04:18pm]
[ mood | singin with jamie..lol! ]

so hey there my gorgeous ones!long time no update i guess??lol,but it was worth it.Well today i went to the mall with rachel for 2 hours..it was a blast!I got a jacket n a shirt because i already have my school clothes,i just bought for the funn of it.At about 1:30 we went out for lunch at panera bread,that was my first time there and mhmhmh...is it good or what!?!Rach n i both got soup and green ice tea.After a scrumpish,filling lunch we went n checked out the "deer trail" houses across the street of taylors sub.There so adorable,when rach and i grow up were gonna move into one of those together!Maybe jessie will come with us too bc life isnt funn without that babe.lol,well only like 2 weeks till school starts n suprisingly im pumped!Talk to you all laterrr... i dont mean to begg,but PLEASE comment!!lol

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[05 Aug 2005|04:30pm]
[ mood | restless ]

type in a song or sumthin and watch the music video,its pretty darn sweet!

so yeah i went to my cottage this past weekend n found 3 cups full of shells.
everyone else(13 people)were playin baseball at this park which is rigth about the beach..i didnt wanna play bc i suck and i dont know but i took sum pictures while they played.

At night when it was pitch black,i played hide n go seek with fash lights.I was on the boys team(nick n derrick..a different nick goin into 6th grade)bc i feel safer with guys lol,

then we left sunday afternoon!

Jessie n rachel are my true lovess!!
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too much funn! [30 Jul 2005|05:21pm]
[ mood | loved..<33 ]

Seems like a while since i commented so i decieded to comment..

well 2 days ago rachel marie got her hair cut with bangs u better take a look in my photobucket bc its simply adorable!!

That same day lexi and maddy walked around the block to get rach n i,we jumped on her tramp,went swimmin in lexis pool for an hour or so and started plannin sumthin.It was a blast,and let me tell u those two girls are two hotties indeed!Lexi got bangs so check her out in my photobucket too!

Then later that day rach n i had to leave so we went back to her house and called tay over.We hung out n stuff then had a sleepover over my house in which was a blast!!I'm tellin you we must of talked girl talk until 3:30 in the mornin!lol,i love them to pieces!

In the mornin we walked tay home then at 7,walked to lexi's to meet josh, see the coolest olivia(not klein) and to plan the THING.We didnt really plan much

i've had so much funn these past days..not includin gettin soap in my eye in the shower this mornin..ha ha

comment biotch!

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[26 Jul 2005|09:58am]
[ mood | sore.. ouch!lol ]

sooooo i just woke up and im eatin cheerios!Gosh i love those things..but not as much as i love lauren!

Well yesterday was theee best day i could imagine bc when walked over to rachels she handed me my camera that i've been lookin for,for 2 months!

Plus before that i went in my aunts hott boat!!I went tubing and its was awesome!This saturday she said i could invite sum friends on it so i think i'll invite liv since taylor and rach will be gone..plus i love her!


You are Trey!!

Which Laguna Beach character are you?

p.s. spiderman is my hero!!!

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[21 Jul 2005|11:15pm]
[ mood | how cute is he?? ]

Well nothing exciting has happend yet..but i mean why would it n e way.. rachels gone still :(!! So i've basically hung out with my older sister for 2 or 3 days which to u sounds boring but trust me its not bc were crazy..it runs in our blood!lol i STILL cant find my camera so im a little mad about that..but im goin to my cottage tommaro for a couple days with my parents friends : )!! just a reminder this next list of people i still need to hang out with...JESSIE!!!<33333 and the rest of u unimportant people.. just kidding,i love you sexy!

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dum dum dum [18 Jul 2005|11:28am]
[ mood | calm n cool! ]

Well im at my aunts house right at the moment and havin more funn than you think,because..

sunday-we went to summerset mall and she bought my sister and i tons of clothes,then after we rode on her boat waved at some guys n other people in their boats,went to a beach party(not funn) then rode back.After all that she got us mickey d's for a late 9'oclock dinner,the mann who gave us our food said "would one of u beautiful ladies want an icecream?" and handed us a icecream that was half a foot long!!

monday-well today were goin to kohls to shop and then later today my mommy is highlightin my hair with blonde and red!!!!


i miss rachel so effin much!!

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[14 Jul 2005|11:19am]
[ mood | anxious to see you! ]

So last sunday i went to the goo goo dolls concert bc my dad got free tickets..

^^it was funn indeed!

annie came to michigan as u may kno for 6 days..we walked up to 7-11 and almost died,

and we made wonderful dances to "dont worry,be happy" which is a great song..lol

^^i miss you annie!!

comment u fool!!

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your sexy! [08 Jul 2005|12:09pm]
[ mood | anxious to see annie again! ]

So..i went campin in traverse city last week and bc i kno you'll get bored if i tell the whole thing..i'll just narrow it down a bit.We went to a waterpark one day and i saw a very very cute guy may i say!One of the days we went to the mall and i bought(my mom bought) me 6 shirts!!i just love the smell,look..everything about new clothes!yepp then one day we went canoeing and i was the first one to go in the water(not many did)bc im crazy!I also met a new friend named Lauren who is living in Germany right now but is comin back here next year!!Thats my trip i guess and annie is here in michigan right now..yesss!She met nick and kyle and everyone yesterday for the first time..lol,shes the best!!I love that girl just as much as i love rachel or Olivia or taylor or even..

JESSIE!!<333--best sister ever!

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[06 Jul 2005|02:34pm]
[ mood | awake babe! ]

Willy wonka Willy wonka..the amazing chocolateer.Willy wonka Willy wonka everybody give a cheer!He's mavous,clever and so smart..he barley can despare it,he's so much generosity there is no way to contain it,to contain it,to contain conta--~~~~(3 seconds)"ewww"Willy wonka Willy wonka he's a genuis who just can't be beat.The magician and the chocolate place ((gum pops)) "chewing gum is really gross,chewing gum i hate the most"Willy wonka here he is!!!

heres the song so if you go to..http://chocolatefactorymovie.warnerbros.com/video.html

and click the picture for teaser trailor,you can sing along!!

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later [05 Jul 2005|01:06pm]
[ mood | chipper..yipee! ]

I'll write about traverse city later bc i dont have time right now and let me tell you its gonna be a long entry seein as i have many things to say.I saw some very cute guys too!!Well you'll read about it later my love.4th of july was very funn indeed though hangin with taylor and rachel watchin some beautiful fireworks and tryin to clap when we thought they would pop..lol!!

I'll write camping tommaro,<3333 you!

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[29 Jun 2005|10:48pm]
[ mood | excited for traverse city!! ]

Do it bc if u are..ur cool!!

P.s im goin to traverse city tommaro..ill miss u all and i love you!!

rachel marie the most..<333

a) Get a pen
b) Get a paper
c) Number it 1-13!
d) Answer these questions!

1. What's your favorite color out of:
A. Green
B. Blue
C. Orange
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2. What color is your hair?
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B. Brown
C. Red
D. Black
E. Bald or any other color

3. What color are your eyes?
A. Hazel
B. Green
C. Brown
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E. gray

4. What is your favorite sport out of:
A. Basketball
B. Cheerleading
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5. What's your favorite way to talk?
A. Phone
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6. What is your favorite kinda music out of:
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7. Who's your favorite singer out of:
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I sure hope my wish comes true..<333!!!

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Hey babe! [26 Jun 2005|07:06pm]
[ mood | amused by your buety! ]

So..last thursday i went to the fish fly festival with theee best person ever Taylor,thee sexiest one rachel and just plain old ellie..jk i love her!So anyways,we went on some very fun rides there.Because we losers the first thing we did there was go in this fun house for 5 year olds bc were cool like that!Then we went on this scrambler one..ellie kept gettin pushed into me by the force of the wind!It was very fun indeed though..we were crackin up.Then we had to drag rachel on these rides like those pirate ships that go back and forth bc she absolutely hates them like a mother!lol,the only ride we couldnt drag her on was this one that was in a circle and went cadrillion stories high it felt like although ellie and i went on it bc were brave souls like that!Besides all the rides..there were fireworks that were spectacular,ecspecially when ur eatin an elephant ear while watchin them which we did!Ahhh..it was all good untill it came time to go to the car.All the fish flies started comin out and landin on you!It was soooo x 58194801 times gross!When we went to the car we then noticed the car we parked under a light..((bad place)) and was covered in them!ewwwww..so the whole ride home we screamed and panicked bc we found a few in the car.Luckily none got on me,yesss!lol,so..that will always be a time to remember with my best-best buds!Peter and i broke up today,just incase u didnt kno,but you prolly did.

I miss Jessie Nosal and Lauren Peters more than life!!<33

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Yep,yep,yep.. [21 Jun 2005|04:28pm]
[ mood | anxious babe! ]

So i got a new layout as you can see with the help of my favorist friend in this neighborhood and universe,Rachel Kwapik!!We had fun yesterday just her and i..lol,we made tried makin cookies for my neighbors birthday that were kinda like popsicles bc they were on sticks and shaped like flowers.They didnt turn out the way we expected bc when we tried pickin em up they crumbled down like a dirt hill((not really))lol not that bad!Besides that disaster..we took some gorgeos pictures with my fancy camera infact we even started putting some pictures together to form a slide called "A day in Kelsey and Rachels shoes" where we show a day in our life with fist gettin up then brushin our teeth and all those neat things!Anyways..I guess my summer isnt as boring as i was guessing it was bc i have 4 parties on my agenda so far..(taylor,alexis,nicole and jamie's volleyball party) and im also goin to Traverse City next week for 4 days during 4th of July!Then sumtime later or the next week im headin off to Cedar Pointe(or however u spell it)!!And if thats not enough my bestestest friend who moved in 4th grade to New Jersey((Annie!))is coming to visit this summer in july!!Were gonna have sooo much fun that when we turn 70 were still gonna remember it, hee hee!Guess what aslo im doin??This thursday im goin to the fishfly festival with Taylor bc were cool like that,<33her!Well thats my whole outcome of what im plannin on doin this summer besides callin all you hotties who live near by (olivia,chelsea,taylor,rachel,jessie,heather,jessica,lauren,alexis and many more).If i didnt or did metion you i plead for you to call me bc life isnt the same without you!Ecspecially Peter..lol<333333 him!

Rachel is theeeee best..love love love her!

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uhhhhhhhhh.. [15 Jun 2005|06:46pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Today i went shoppin and got a new bathin suit for tommaros big day..lol metro beach!Well im not gettin too excited because it'll probably just rain the whhhhhole time last the last two years.Yep so 2 more days babe!!Oh yess oh yesss mhm mhm mhm!!Well a random fact is..my sister's dream is to be a shadow on the ipod comercial,wasn't that interestin??A-N-Y-ways..sooo im really gonna miss everyone in school bc i love the happy,hott enviroment of school lol!I'm gonna be soo depressed not seein my love peter and my twin sister jessie and my bestest friend rachel ((wait not her)) and all the other buetiful people like..Taylor,Olivia o and k,Becka boo,Kasey,Lauren,Sarah k and v,Alex,Dylon,Shelby,Stepho,HEATHER and many many many more that just arnt listed.Ecspecially my dearest friend katie whos movin to washington d.c!!I love her more than life..hee hee!So yeah im tired and its my bedtime((not really!)) so night night my loves!

love love love you!!


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